who knew facebook hears dog whistle?

So, there’s yet another viral hoax going around about Barack Obama: As he does annually, the President has CANCELLED (gasp!) the National Day of Prayer!  Reminded that, oh yes, it’s that time of year again, I went to the “National Day of Prayer (Holiday)” facebook page. There, a handful of “related pages” were recommended to me. Pretty funny. Even facebook knows that there’s nothing ecumenical about this holiday.

pages related to natl day of prayer

not girly enough

Wow. What a horrifying but timely account of a Dallas woman followed into a women’s restroom by a man who questioned her gender because, in his estimation, she wasn’t dressed girl-like enough to be one.


Man: “When I saw you enter … I thought you was …”
Woman: “A boy?”
Man: “Yeah, I was kind of confused… It’s difficult. … You dress like a man.”

Of course, now I’m second-guessing my own appearance. Should I girly it up to avoid a similar confrontation?

wikiHow: How to look Girly

look girly.png

who will build the wall?

A few (rhetorical) questions.

Does Donald Trump expect U.S. Mexican men to build his wall?  It occurred to me today that many in the construction trades (at least here in the U.S. Southwest) are Mexican men who may not be interested in those jobs considering all that the wall represents.

Or, does Trump plan to employ his supporters to do the work? He has, after all, been promising them jobs. I wonder how they are at building big, beautiful walls? And working for the low wages paid to Mexican immigrants?